Sunday, February 17, 2008

[Event] GEph Blogger's Meetup

Roll Call:
I'm sorry I can't write so much on this since I literally stole away from elsewhere just to be there, and I was ... uh, unfashionably late. 6^_^0 But I'm glad to announce that the following issues were brought up:
  1. Trading vis/in-game items for real currency - most, if not all, were of the mindset that it's better to earn items and vis the hard way (by playing)
  2. Game bugs, scripts, exploits and imbalances - thankfully, no-one seems to be practising those among the blogger-gamers, at least
  3. Excessive G-Points dependency on IAHGames' part - I am personally of the belief that it's better to have the combat manuals in-game, instead of limiting their availability to G-Points holders, otherwise ... well, it's all up to them now
  4. Drumming up more awareness and support for the game - considering the woeful lack of promotion for GE in the country, count me in!
Most of us were also Fantazztic Film Awards participants so it was touched upon as well. Too bad I missed that part. >.<0 Speaking of which, NineMoons has announced the winners of the FFA-Intel Scene & Heard Contest here. Congratulations to fellow bloggers Reclusion, Fiksdotter, Mena and Sigrid for their entries!

For longer write-ups on the subject, please check the links on the roll-call list above. v^_^v

In other news I was supposed to add my first-ever artwork for this blog, so that it could finally live up to its name. Alas, my internet at home keeps dying whenever I try to upload it. DX Oh well!

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